Zombie may also refer to:

  • Zombie - A standard, generic Zombie, found in several regions, terrorizing other characters.
  • Zombie Pirate - Zombie that used to be a Pirate, found in several regions, terrorizing other Characters.
  • Zombie Businessman - Zombie that was once a Businessman, found in several regions, terrorizing other Characters.

The Zombie Cheerleader is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, known for its shuffling gait and harassment of other Characters and Creatures.


The Zombie Cheerleader has yellow pigtails with green hairbands. Her face, arms and hands are grey, and her eyes glow red. She is missing one front tooth. She's wearing a green and white cheerleader outfit: Sleeveless green top with the letter "Z" printed on the front, and a ragged white cheerleader skirt. Black flies constantly swarm about her head.

When idle, the Zombie cheerleader will often make a couple of shuffling steps back then forward again. Occasionally, she will make a half-hearted attempt at an attack, where her head will jump slightly off of her body before returning. Sometimes, she will pull out Pom-poms and do a quick pep routine with them then put them away again.

When jumping, she does the splits in midair. When double-jumping, she lands into a forward cartwheel. When she stops from running, she goes into the splits.

Her scare attack is different from other Zombies: She pulls out her pom poms and shakes them at the target.



“Brains! Brains! We’ll win by using our braaaiiins!”

The Zombie Cheerleader is a star student at Zombie University who has personally come up with some of the cheer squad’s best new cheers, from the one about the brains, to the other one about the brains, to the other OTHER one about the brains. That last one is everybody’s favorite, because it’s just so catchy.

For a zombie, she has a really upbeat attitude. You’ve got to be extra inspirational when your players’ legs and heads tend to fall off in the middle of a game, which is why she’s also pretty good with duct tape. Her whole zombie family comes out to watch her cheer, and while she’s happy to see her businessman dad take time out of his busy schedule, she’s a little embarrassed at the way her pirate great-great-uncle keeps threatening to keelhaul the other team.


  • Zombies are only vulnerable to Black Weapons.
  • Zombies can appear in nearly every Biome as a result of attacking other characters. They cannot be discovered in these situations, only when they spawn on their own in the Biomes listed above.
  • Zombie's eyes glow red in the dark.
  • Her pep routine is shorter and much different from the Cheerleader's, and if you give her the Blue Pom-poms, she will do a different routine.
  • Her dark green Pom-poms are not collectable by the player.