Werewolf (Male)
Biome(s) Weird Woods
Cost 10,000
Unlocks with
Attitude Neutral
Special Ability Extra high jump.

Werewolf (Male) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


From Brickipedia

The werewolf has a brown head, with yellow eyes, a nose and a mouth full of teeth. He has the same hairpiece as the Elf, but in dark brown with brown ears. He has a brown chest, printed with muscles, wears a severely ripped white shirt, he also has one white arm and one brown arm. His sand blue pants are also ripped.

The Werewolf (Male) runs around on all fours, and his double-jump is a mid-air twist. His attack is more of a pounce, with the Werewolf jumping forward and clawing with one or both hands. When idle, he stands hunched over looking around suspiciously. Frequently he will rear back and howl. More rarely, he will suddenly spin in circles sniffing the ground, then dig a hole, dive in, find a bone and eat it.




Whenever the full moon rises high in the night sky, the Werewolf undergoes a startling transformation into a half-man, half-beast creature. Unable to control his primal instincts, he rampages across the countryside, terrifying all who encounter him!

...Okay, he actually just digs holes, buries chew toys in the yard, and romps around the park fetching sticks. It's all a little embarrassing for the Werewolf, so if you happen to see him running around in circles trying to catch his own tail, please try to act scared. It'll mean a lot to him.


  • To activate his high jump, hold the jump button down until the charge bar begins to show. The werewolf will appear to howl at this point. The farther it charges before you release the jump button, the higher the Werewolf will jump. The maximum jump appears to be about 3 times a double jump. He cannot jump high enough on his own to activate Skydiving.


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