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Warrior Woman
Biome(s) Desert
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with
Attitude Neutral
Special Ability

Warrior Woman is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Warrior Woman has a stern-looking face with short eyelashes and long, thin eyebrows. Her long, black hair flows freely down her back. Her torso is brown, printed to resemble leather armour, and her hips and legs carry that brown leather armour look into a skirt with bare skin above her carmel-coloured boots. Her arms and hands are bare, and thus are the regular LEGO yellow.

The Warrior Woman has no unique idle animations.



“Surrender or taste defeat!”

A fierce fighter from a long-forgotten age, the Warrior Woman has earned her reputation in pitched battle with pirates, brigands and beasts all across the land. She doesn’t have the most civilized of manners, but her savage skill with spear and shield ensures that no one ever complains to her face.

Although even her closest friends don’t know the truth, the Warrior Woman was originally raised as a pampered princess in a distant kingdom. She eventually got tired of the royal life and ran off to be a mighty warrior instead – and she’s never regretted it for a single moment since!



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