Volcanic region

The Volcanic Wasteland Biome is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Volcanic Biome can range from flat regions to hills to sharp mountains, filled with large giant black outcroppings and rivers and pools of deadly lava. There are no trees here, and only the hardiest of Characters and Creatures can survive this unforgiving terrain. One structure known to appear in Volcanic regions is the Lava Pillar, a large obsidian obelisk in the middle of a pool of lava which may have a large Item Chest on top.

Models Edit

Characters: Edit

Creatures: Edit

Vehicles: Edit

Props: Edit

  • Black bracken
  • Small black flowers
  • Small black stem
  • Small red fumarole
  • Small grey sharp outcropping
  • Black and grey clawed outcropping
  • Small dead grey tree
  • Small dead foliage grouping

Brick Builds: Edit

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

Gallery Edit

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