Troll Warrior is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.

Description Edit

The Troll Warrior has sand green skin with red eyes that glows at night. He has tusks sticking out from his lower lip and a constant scowl. He has a black helmet and a reddish-brown partially armoured torso with chains going across the chest to an orange logo on one side, and what appears to be a rather large furry waist belt. His arms and hands are sand green, his hips are brown and his legs are reddish-brown.

The Troll Warrior has few interesting idle animations, other than an occasional laugh. In the wild, the Troll Warrior always has a Scimitar.


The Troll Warrior is part of the Castle theme from 2009, and was released as a part of the Trolls' Mountain Fortress, along with the Troll King, the Troll Queen (listed there as "Troll Sorceress"), and the Giant Troll.


  • The Troll Warrior can be discovered by defeating him in battle or by completing a Quest when he offers one. He may ask for various props at the places he can be found standing guard.