Troll Queen is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.

Description Edit

The Troll Queen wears long brown robes covering her from head to toe, and only her hands and face can be seen. She has a tattered brown cloak (the same as the Troll King), and a brown hood covers her head. Her face is sand green, with two red eyes that glow at night. She has wrinkles and tusks that stick up in different directions. Her robe is decorated with a necklace of teeth or claws, a robe belt and stitches. Her hands are also sand green.

The Troll Queen has no unique idle animations. In the wild, she always has a Club.


The Troll Queen is part of the Castle theme from 2009, and was released as a part of the Trolls' Mountain Fortress, (where she is referred to as "Troll Sorceress"), along with the Troll King, Troll Warrior and Giant Troll.


  • The Troll Queen offers no Quests and must be defeated in battle.