Troll King is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.

Description Edit

The Troll King has sand green skin with one red eye that glows at night and one gaping hole where the other eye once was. He has tusks sticking out from his lower lip and a constant scowl. He has a brown tattered cape and a brown crown, similar in design to the King's golden one. His grey armoured torso has some fur and a chain across it. His arms and hands are sand green, and his legs are brown.

The Troll King has a few interesting idle animations, crossing his arms, laughing at things around him. In the wild, the Troll King always has a Scimitar.


The Troll King is part of the Castle theme from 2009, and was released as a part of the Trolls' Mountain Fortress, along with the Troll Queen (listed there as "Troll Sorceress"), Troll Warrior and Giant Troll.