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Town is a rare feature of various Biomes in LEGO Worlds.

Towns are organized (though randomly generated) groups of buildings and streets in a specific biome. A Town is present in the world when indicated by the third icon on the Map (a white-faced clock), as well as a dark blue dot and beam of light in the world.

Towns will have one or more streets, with buildings lining those streets and many Characters walking, riding or driving around. Character appearances for the generic residents are often randomized, giving a wider variety of character appearances, making the towns more interesting to visit. Towns are a fantastic opportunity to complete a large number of Quests rapidly, as well as find treasure, discover a lot of new Characters and Vehicles, or just have fun exploring.

Towns do not appear in every biome. Falling Forest, Fantasy Forest, Fearsome Frontier, Merry Meadows Perilous Peaks, Watchful Wilderness, Whispering Woodland, the Moon and of course, Monster Town are known to have Towns.

Generating Towns Edit

A lot of complex coding goes into laying out and creating Towns so that they are functional. This was covered in depth in a Developer Diary posted on the Steam Forums in November, 2016:

Known Towns Edit

Notes on Towns in General Edit

  • Discovering your first town unlocks the Civilisation! Achievement.

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