The Swamp Police Boat is a two-seater aquatic vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found only in the waters near the Lawless Lagoon and Rowdy Rainforest.


This aquatic vehicle has a blue rubber raft-style base emblazoned with the word POLICE and a silver police badge on both sides. It has two large, grey engines mounted on the back of the boat. There are two yellow seats, one in front for the pilot, with a yellow and black steering wheel for controls, and a second yellow seat behind the pilot's seat, for a single passenger. A transparent windscreen protects the pilot, and above the windscreen is a wedge-shaped block with the word POLICE in white writing on a blue background. There's a large white spoiler on the rear, above the engines, with a small antenna and round block for a radar dish on top. The number 07 is painted on both struts of the spoiler. A large, yellow spotlight is mounted on the front of the boat, and turns on after dark. The boat also has functional flashing emergency lights that can be turned on and off by holding the appropriate button (UP ARROW on PC). There are two blue lights above the windscreen and both a red and a green light on top of the spoiler.

When idling, the boat has a rough-sounding engine noise. When in motion, the engine has a sort of lawnmower-type noise, that of a typical air boat.


The Swamp Police Boat is just a simple powered boat, floating on the surface of water. It will stop when it hits land or a Character or Creature, but can destroy small Objects in the water.


This vessel is based on the LEGO City themed Swamp Police Station, however, notice that the yellow life preserver is missing.


  • The design changed slightly after Early Access, to more closely align to the actual LEGO set. See below for the old design.