A golden and a silver Stud

Studs are the main currency in LEGO Worlds. They are used to unlock Models that have been collected, and are gathered through destroying Props, opening Treasure Chests and interacting with certain objects.

Gaining Studs Edit

Silver Stud 32px Gold Stud 32px Blue Stud 32pxPurple Stud 32px

Each Silver Stud is worth 10, a Golden Stud is worth 100 and Blue ones are worth 1.000 Studs each. In theory, Purple Studs would be worth 10,000 (and this is shown in the menu wherever something costs 10,000 or more). However, at this time, there are only one way to receive a purple stud; when you unlock the Dragon Wizard with the Dragon Egg 1 purple stud (+ some gold and silver studs) drops.

Destroying Props Edit

Like in every other LEGO game, destroyed objects can drop Studs on the ground. To attack an object, simply attack it or run over it while riding a Creature or driving a Vehicle. Each destroyed prop will drop 20-3,000 Studs, but must be grabbed relatively quickly, before they disappear from the world.

Chests Edit


A Chest in a Candy Biome

Treasure Chests are generated in nearly every Biome in the world. When hit or run over, the chest will open up and drop 3.000 Studs. Treasure Chests can easily be destroyed by fireballs and other explosives, so it's best to be careful when wielding those around chests you want to open.

Interaction Edit

Studs are also granted for interacting with certain objects found only in Playsets. For example, nearly every part of the Changing Seasons playset will generate a random amount of Studs.  For this reason, the Playset is considered the fastest and most efficient way to gather Studs.

Maximum number of Studs Edit

The maximum number of Studs you can have in the game is 3,999,998.  Gaining even 1 more will cause the game to revert back to 3,489,998[1]

Losing Studs Edit

Studs can be used to unlock any Model that the player has already collected. Once a Model has been unlocked, it no longer needs to be paid for and can be summoned again and again.

Death Edit

Whenever the Player dies 2,000 Studs are dropped. Assuming that the Player didn't die in a completely unrecoverable location (such as a pool of lava), the Studs hang around for a moment and can often be gathered back up before disappearing.

Unlock Edit

The total number of studs needed too buy everything in the game is roughly 350'000 studs.

Total cost: 335850
Total cost by group 75000 63000 107750 90100
Characters cost Veichles cost Creatures cost Cost od props number of props
Boy 1000 Broomstick 2500 Eagle 7500 250 146
Caveman 1250 Helicopter 2500 Dragon 10000 350 8
Cavewoman 1250 Small Plane 2500 Black and White Bull 1750 1000 1
Cheerleader Zombie Bicycle 2500 Black and White Cow 1750 750 2
Climber (male) 1250 Motorcycle 2500 Black Horse 2500
Constable 1250 Air Boat 250 Bear 5000
Cowboy 1250 Dinghy 2500 Brown Cow 1500
Cowgirl 1250 Small Submarine 2500 Brown Horse 2000
Custom A 0 Swamp Police Boat 250 Brown Spider 1500
Dino Tracker 1250 Articulated Truck 2500 Burnard 10000
Diver (male) 1250 Buggy 2500 Camel 2500
Explorer 1250 Creator Car 2500 Dog 1750
Farmer (male) 1250 Hot Rod 2500 Crocodile 3500
Fisherman 1250 Major Steel's Hot Rod 2500 Elephant 7500
Girl 1000 Swamp Police 4x4 2500 Frog 1500
Intergalactic Girl 1250 Tractor 2500 Glaciator 8000
King 1250 Skateboard 2500 Goat 1250
Minotaur 1250 Wheelbarrow 2500 Husky 1750
Motorcycle Mechanic 1250 Articulated Digger 2500 Monkey 1750
Mummy 2500 Cole's Earth Driller 10000 Ostrich 1750
Outlaw (male) 1250 Creator Lawnmower 2500 Pig 1250
Paleontologist 1250 Small Digger 2500 Polar Bear 5000
Pirate (female) 1250 Steamroller 2500 Red spider 1500
Pirate (male) 1250 Sheep 1250
Police officer (female) 1250 Silver Spider 1500
Police officer (male) 1250 White Horse 2500
Research Institute Paleontologist 1250 Big Shark 6000
Research Institute Astronomer 1250 Octupus 5000
Research Institute Chemist 1250 Black Octupus 5000
Robber (female) 1250 Stingray 4000
Robber (male) 1250
Rocker Girl 1250
Scientist (female) 1250
Skeleton 2500
Surfer girl 1250
Vampire (male) 10000
Warlock(Dragon Wizard) 1250
Warrior woman 1250
Werewolf (male) 10000
Yeti 1250
Zombie (male) 5000
Gingerbread Man 3000
Zombie Pirate

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