Type Surface Vehicle
Biome(s) Scrap Plains, Woodland
Cost 2,500

The Steamroller is a two-wheeled, front-barrel ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Scrap Plains and Woodland Biomes.


This yellow front loader has a steering wheel, functional headlights and a flashing emergency light on the black rollbar. This is not a very fast vehicle, and it has heavy engine noises when running.


While driving this vehicle, press Spacebar to begin creating roads. Roads created this way are made of smooth-topped grey bricks. Roads are best created on flat, level surfaces, as any bumps can cause uneven roadwork. Some terrain will be smoothed if needed, but if the angle is too steep, the Steamroller may get stuck trying to build into the side of a hill. You can even make roads on the surface of water.


The Steamroller does not appear to be based on any existing LEGO sets.



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