The Squirrel is a common, non-rideable, carryable Creature in LEGO Worlds found in many Biomes, based on the colour of the Squirrel:


The Squirrel is a single-stud-sized animal, resembling a common squirrel. It comes in four variations (Grey, Red, Black, and White). It hops around on all four legs, but does not appear to make any noises.


The Squirrel is similar to Duplo squirrels, but different enough that it is a unique model made exclusively for LEGO Worlds.


  • The Squirrel's primary unlock quest is a request for Nuts, which can be found by breaking apart stumps in wooded areas. Once the Squirrel has been unlocked, it will also offer other quests, including a request to photograph some nearby foliage.


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