Small Submarine
Type Aquatic Vehicle
Biome(s) Ocean
Cost 2,500

The Small Submarine is a vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Ocean (but usually spawns on the beach or even inland). It gives relatively fast travel on the surface of water and lava. Yes: Lava.

As of April 9th, 2017, this submarine can now submerge by holding down on the left thumb stick.


This orange blocky vehicle has a clear plastic bubble on top that closes over the pilot's head. There are two large black propellers on the back, and several functional lights on the front.


This appears to be a unique model, not previously existing in any known LEGO product.


  • Water is not yet fully functional, so this vehicle is surface-only. Oddly, it can also ride on the surface of lava.

As of April 9, 2017, the submarine can submerge by holding down on the left thumb stick.


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