The Small Digger is a four-wheeled ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Curious Canyon, Junkyard Jungle, Merry Meadows and Polar Plains Biome.


This small yellow front loader has two black control rods, a black roll bar, four small wheels and a large yellow scoop on the front. It has a non-functional tail light bar, as well as headlights that turn on at night. There is a non-functioning orange emergency light on the top. It has heavy engine noises when running and a backup beeper when backing up. The loader bucket moves up and down when the vehicle is in dig mode.


While driving this vehicle, press the appropriate button to begin digging ("Icon Keyboard F" on PC). Unlike Cole's Earth Driller, this vehicle can only dig level surfaces and will not create angled tunnels. Tunnels created by the Small Digger are square in shape, about 8 and 2/3 bricks high.


The Small Digger is based on the front loader found in the LEGO Set Demolition Starter Set.


  • During Early Access, the light on top and tail lights worked.