Type Surface Vehicle
Biome(s) Woodland
Cost 2,500

The Skateboard is a small ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds.


This blue skateboard has small black wheels and two studs (for the Character to stand on), and appears to be powered by the Character kicking along the ground. It has a tendency to roll down hills when the player is not pushing "forward," and it doesn't handle going up hills that are steep at all. It's a very slow ground vehicle, but can gain quite a bit of speed going down hills. When in motion, it has a squeaky wheel sound. When it enters water, it makes the same explosion noise all ground vehicles do, even though it has no engine.


The Skateboard is based on the common LEGO part (Minifig, Utensil Skateboard with Trolley Wheel Holders and Black Trolley Wheels) which is found in many LEGO sets.



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