The Playful Prairie Biome is a common Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Savanna Biome tends to flat, open areas of bright green and yellow, dotted with large acacia trees with dark green and bright yellow leaves, and rich with animal life and brave adventurers. One structure known to appear in the Savanna is the Treasure Under A Tree, which, like it sounds, is just a large Item Chest sitting under one of the acacia trees.

Models Edit

Characters: Edit

Creatures: Edit

Vehicles: Edit

Props: Edit

  • Dry Grass Clump 1
  • Dry Grass Clump 2
  • Dry Grass Clump 3
  • Dry Grass Clump 4
  • Dry Grass Clump 5
  • Shrub 1
  • Shrub 2
  • Shrub 3
  • Tree 4

Below this has not been confirmed in final release

  • Leaning branch with green leaves (Appears as Tall bush with orange flowers in prop list)
  • Tall bush with red flowers
  • Trunk with foliage (appears as Short bush with blue berries in prop list)
  • Short bush with blue berries
  • Small bush with red flowers
  • Small oasis
  • Small bush with yellow flowers
  • Brown sea grass with yellow flowers
  • Small vegetation clump
  • Brownish grass
  • Green Bush
  • Green Grass
  • Bright Green Grass
  • Goat Bones
  • Bouncing animal ribcage
  • Horned animal skull
  • Cow Skull
  • Three-horned animal skeleton

Structures: Edit

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

Gallery Edit

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