Rocker Girl is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Rocker Girl has an outfit reminiscent of Jem from the popular 80's cartoon. Her hair is dark pink, and her face has dark pink lips and a pink lightning bolt next to her eye. Her mouth is open wide as though singing. Half of her outfit is a light blue with animal stripes, while the other half is black. The two halves are separated diagonally by a pink lightning bolt. Her hands are the standard LEGO yellow.

The Rocker Girl has no unique idle animations.



“I’m the best and I know it!”

Whatever you may say about the punky, pink-haired Rocker Girl, you can’t ever call her humble! From her clothes to her music, she goes through life with complete confidence in herself. She knows she looks and sounds awesome up there on stage with smoke and lasers flashing all around, and she lives for the way the crowd roars with excitement when she starts playing that next power chord.

The Rocker Girl’s unshakeable self-confidence has always been her greatest strength. No matter what troubles she faces – cancelled shows, electrical failures and bad cases of rockin’ pneumonia – she always powers right on through, knowing that her next performance will be the greatest one yet. And the best thing of all is that she’s right!


  • To unlock the Rocker Girl for discovery, you will have to bring her a Guitar. After that, she will ask for help with many other tasks, such as taking a photo with musical instruments or defending her from Zombie Cheerleaders.