Robber (Female)
Robber (Female)
Biome(s) Candy
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with Touch
Attitude Aggressive
Special Ability

Robber (Female) is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, presumably based on the female crook in LEGO's 60042 High Speed Chase set.


Robber (Female) wears her long brown hair loose around her shoulders. She has a smiling face with a light shade of pink lipstick and short eyelashes. She wears a black jacket with buckles over a dark grey and light grey-striped prison shirt and brown belt, and her arms are black to match the jacket. Her hips and pants are dark grey to match her shirt, and her hands are the regular LEGO yellow.

The Robber (Female) has no unique idle animations.



  • The Robber (Female) has the exact same head and hair as the Police Officer (Female)
  • Unlocked by simply touching her.


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