Research Institute Paleontologist is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


Research Institute Paleontologist has long brown hair that falls most of the way down her back, and has a braid tying it together in back. She has blue arms and torso printed with collared shirt and a shell pendant. Her hips and legs are dark tan, and her hands are the standard LEGO yellow. Her face has a friendly expression with bright red lips and thin eyebrows.

Research Institute Paleontologist has no unique idle animations.


This character is one of three minifigs released in The Research Institute, a LEGO set released in 2014.

"The Research Institute has everything that you need to explore the world below, around and above us! Created by real-life geoscientist, Ellen Kooijman (alias:Alatariel), and selected by LEGO® Ideas members (formerly known as CUUSOO), this collection of scenes depicts three varied professions within the world of natural science. Help the paleontologist study the origin of dinosaurs with the magnifying glass, map the skies with the astronomer and her telescope, and assist the chemist as she carries out experiments in her lab. This set also includes building instructions, as well as a booklet containing information about the creator and an introduction to each of the professions featured in the set. There’s a whole world of exciting professions out there to explore – build and role play them to see if they suit you!"


  • Research Institute Paleontologist has a number of interesting requests for players, including taking photographs of bones, rescuing Christina Hydron or bringing her a Pneumatic Drill.