Some Farm Props

Props are all objects found in the World that are neither part of the World itself nor as big as Brick Builds. Props differ from other world decorations in that they can easily be broken, either by being struck or by being ridden or driven over.  

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Facts: Edit

Props can be unlocked by touching them. They are found in the Props category in the Models Menu. Once unlocked, most Props must then be purchased before they can be placed freely.  The majority of purchasable Props cost 250 Studs for purchase.  

As of Update 1, there are 191 props available to collect and unlock.

As of LEGO Worlds full release (7 March 2017) there are over 600 props.

Some Props (especially those that are part of a Playset) can be interactive when placed.

Props drop Studs when destroyed or interacted with.

(When Prop categories and or Names are introduced in future updates, a full list will be provided here.) Edit

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