The Pickaxe is a held item in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Item Chests throughout the world. It can be used to do small amounts of damage to the World. When the player clicks, a Character armed with the Pickaxe will begin chopping into the ground nearby, slightly deforming the landscape and breaking any props.


The Pickaxe is a medium-sized grey tool, with with a grey handle and double-pointed head. When in use, the Character holds the Pickaxe in both hands, otherwise, it's only held in one hand.

When used, the pickaxe will also activate a sort of 'mini-game' in which the player will dig constantly. The 'mini-game' starts by giving the player a '!' indicating that they need to click. If timed properly, the exclamation mark will transform into a check symbol. This repeats until the player doesn't time the swing at the correct time, giving them an 'X'.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Pickaxe and is found in a wide variety of sets from just about every theme.


  • Whether the player fails the mini-game or not, they may randomly recieve studs as a reward.



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