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Pharaoh's Quest is a sub-theme in Lego Worlds

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From Brickipedia:

Pharaoh's Quest is a LEGO theme that was introduced in November 2010, but was officially released in 2011.

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From Brickipedia:

Professor Archibald Hale is on the trail of Amset-Ra, a long lost Pharaoh, and his six mysterious treasures. Prof. Hale is an archaeologist, but more used to museums than working in the field. As this will be one of his rare expeditions, he hires Jake Raines - explorer, thrill seeker, and all-around daredevil - to assist with the heavier work. He discovers an Egyptian tablet, which he uses to translate a journal telling the story of Amset-Ra. It reveals his evil intentions and loyal servants, such as Mummy Warriors, flying mummies, a massive cobra, a giant scarab beetle, Anubis Guards, and other strange and terrifying creatures. The journal also contains notes about the pyramid of Amset-Ra himself, which to two explorers set out to investigate.

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  • The Scorpion Pyramid set was supposed to be released in 2011, marking the start of the Pharaoh's Quest series, but was released as early as November 2010 to some toy stores.