The Ostrich is an uncommon Creature in LEGO Worlds that can only be found in the Savanna Biome.


From Brickipedia:

The first ostrich was released in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time theme. It is made out of two pieces. It has long light pink legs with pointed toes streched out in a walking position. The legs are connected to the body which is mostly black. It has feathers on it, and has a white tail. The wings have white on the end as well. The body has four studs on top, so a minifigure can sit. At the end of the body, there is a place to connect the neck and head. The head is light pink and has rounded shape. The beak has two black nostrils on each side and black eyes with white pupils.

The Ostrich has a number of unique animations, including burying its head in the sand, and doing a complete backflip. It will do these while idle, even if being ridden.


This creature is based on the Ostrich with White Tail and Wingtips and Light Flesh Legs and Head, Complete Assembly. This piece can be found only be found in the discontinued LEGO Prince of Persia set "The Ostrich Race."


  • In real life ostriches are not burying their heads in the sand.


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