The Octopus is a rideable creature that spawns in the Ocean biome.

Type Nautical Creature
Biome(s) Ocean
Cost 5,000
Unlocked with

Description Edit

The octopus is primarily dark red, with glowing yellow eyes that occasionally jiggle. It will not swim away when encountered, and can be tamed by simply riding it. It has a rather unique method of carrying the player; the animation for swimming depicts the octopus nudging the character forward, then quickly swimming forward, then nudging again.

Background Edit

The LEGO Octopus piece debuted in 1995, in black. It has since been done in several colors, including the dark red depicted in this game, and even glow in the dark. It has a rigid mold, making it incapable of performing some of the poses achieved by the in-game octopus.

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