The Ninja Sword is a melee weapon in LEGO Worlds that can be found in random Treasure Chests as well as completing certain Quests.


The Ninja Sword is a long, grey sword with a slightly curved blade and a narrow crossguard.

While holding this weapon, the Character will simply stand still in a ready position with the sword held vertically next to their face.

The weapon does 4 damage to most Characters and Creatures, except those that are invulnerable to normal weapons.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Katana (Octagonal Guard) and can typically be found in most NINJAGO-themed sets, such as Attack of the Morro Dragon.


  • Can be received in Chests or via completing quests for certain characters, such as the Samurai and Ninja, and it is also sold by the Trader, even before it has been discovered in a Treasure Chest.
  • May be requested by the Samurai, especially in exchange for his Black Katana.


Icon-Ninja Sword

The old icon.

Icon Ninja Sword

The new icon.