The Mummy Warrior is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Mummy Warrior is mostly wrapped in white bandages similar to the Mummy, with holes in the bandages around its head, allowing its red eyes, mouth and grey skin to be visible. Its head is adorned with a black headress and around its neck is a blue and gold necklace. Its legs are also covered with a blue loin cloth held up by a gold belt.

The Mummy Warrior uses the same idle animations as the Mummy: Standing still with arms folded across the chest in repose, head cocked to one side, until something "awakens" the Mummy Warrior, at which point it will begin lumbering after them.


The Mummy Warrior was part of the Pharaoh's Quest theme released in 2011, along with Anubis Guard, Mac McCloud and Mac McCloud's Motorcycle. There were two Mummy Warriors included in the Golden Staff Guardians Playset.


The Pharaoh’s mummy warriors are driven by one all-consuming purpose: to find the lost treasures of Amset-Ra and return them to their master before he reawakens. They will do whatever it takes to fulfill their mission, and woe unto anyone or anything that gets in their way! The mummies may be strong, but their slow-witted single-mindedness makes them easy for a clever adventurer to trick or trap. Unfortunately, they tend to travel in packs!


  • The Mummy Warrior does not share the Mummy's "Scare" ability. Instead, he always carries an Egyptian Sword.
  • The Mummy Warrior's red eyes glow at night.