Models are a part of the Quick Menu. This category shows all unlocked objects that have been acquired so far. Newly unlocked objects are marked by a golden star. Most unlocked objects must then be purchased with Studs to be able to create them in the World unlimited times. This menu is separated into 7 categories:


Items Edit

See: Items

Items are obtained from Item Chests. Currently they consist of a variety of melee and ranged weapons, and various items. Weapons greatly increase the combat abilities of the Player by enabling ranged combat and granting greater damage.

Characters Edit

See: Characters

Characters are randomly found throughout the world in every Biome. Friendly and neutral characters are unlocked by walking close to them so that they greet the Player. Aggressive and Hostile Characters must be defeated in combat to be unlocked. Once unlocked, these new Characters must still be purchased in order to change to that Character or to place it into the world. Unlocking a Character also unlocks all of its parts for use in the Character Customizer.

Creatures Edit

See: Creatures

Creatures are randomly found in the world. Most are unlocked by mounting them ('E' on the keyboard when close enough), while the rest just have to be walked near. After unlocking they can be bought and afterwards spawned as often as wanted.

Vehicles Edit

See: Vehicles

Vehicles are found randomly generated in nearly every Biome and must be entered / mounted by the player in order to be unlocked for purchase. After purchase Vehicles can be spawned an unlimited time for free.

Brick Builds Edit

See: Brick Builds

Brick Builds are a set of complex pre-defined structures, many of which are also found randomly generated in the world. All Brick Builds are available right away and they do not need to be purchased. New Brick Builds can either be imported from a build system like the LEGO Digital Designer or by using the in-game tools to either build your own, or select an existing structure in the World, then copying it (which puts a record of the item in your Brick Builds menu).

Playsets Edit

See: Playsets

Playsets are in-game replicas of real LEGO Sets. Right now, there is only one Set in the game called LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons. Sets seem to include a variety of Props which can be interacted with. After interacting once, those Props can be purchased in the Props tab.

Props Edit

See: Props

Props are all objects that have been found in the world. They are added here after touching them. Most props must be purchased before they are able to be placed in the world.

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