Biome(s) Cave Systems
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with
Attitude Aggressive
Special Ability

Minotaur is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, based on the Minotaur character from


From Brickipedia

The Minotaur is made totally up out of brown pieces, except the horns, which are white, and the piece which connects the two legs and the body together, which is dark blue, to match in with the printing of his skirt. His Greek-styled skirt is printed on the belt and both legs, as tattered dark blue pleating. They have a white and gold patterned strip running across them. He has an exclusive bull headpiece with two sockets for the bent horns to be placed in, with printed orange eyes. His body is printed with a muscled torso and fur on the sides, and his feet are printed with hooves.

The Minotaur has no unique idle animations.



“Wait, was it left at the next passage, or right?”

Half Minifigure and half bull, the legendary Minotaur is said to make his home deep within a great, maze-like labyrinth that only the most brave or foolish of heroes dares to enter. And while that much is true, the rumor that the ferocious beast guards a fabulous treasure is not…in fact, he’s only in there because he can’t find his way out!

The thing is that the Minotaur is just terrible at directions. He used to have a map of the place, but he lost it somewhere and ever since, he’s wandered around the labyrinth hoping to run into somebody helpful who can show him where the entrance is. Unfortunately, everyone that he’s met so far either tries to fight him or runs away. Maybe it’s the horns…or the axe…or the cow-breath?


  • Frequently appears above ground or in the middle of the ocean, because of the way Cave Systems are currently coded.
  • Appears to be tougher than Skeletons in combat. Often found fighting them underground or on the surface.


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