Merry Meadows is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Merry Meadows Farm

Appearance Edit

The Merry Meadows Biome is typically wide open flat or gently rolling green land.  In between the Towns, are farms with fields of growing crops, barns and stables. Farmers and Scarecrows wander amongst many typical farm animals.

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Props: Edit

  • Red Flower with Leaves
  • Tall bush
  • Spreading bush with yellow flowers
  • Yellow Flower with Leaves
  • Yellow flower (Tall), 250 Studs
  • Corn 1 (Short), 250 Studs
  • Hay Bale (Single), 250 Studs
  • Brown flower, 250 Studs
  • Pumpkin, 250 Studs
  • Oil Pump, 250 Studs
  • Broken Fence 1, 250 Studs
  • Wind Turbine, 250 Studs
  • Broken Fence 2, 250 Studs
  • Trough, 250 Studs
  • Corn 2 (Tall), 250 Studs
  • Hay Bale (Double), 250 Studs
  • Broken Fence 3, 250 Studs

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Notes Edit

  • This biome was previously known as the Plains ("DEFAULTPLANES" in the code), and was the original home for the Policeman, Policewoman and Constable.
  • Despite the fact that Brown Cows can be found here, Brown Bulls cannot.

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