The Lion is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears only in the Playful Prairie.


The Lion is a large tawny creature with a brown mane and tail tuft. It has a black nose and brown eyes with black irises and white pupils. There are two studs on the Lion's back where a character can ride.

When riding the Lion, the Character will look immensely pleased, snuggling the Lion's mane. Sometimes, if left standing long enough, the Lion will roll over for belly rubs.

When idle, the Lion will sometimes lay down, as if ready to sleep, other times it will give a mighty roar.


The entire Lion family (Lion, Lioness and Lion Cub) are only recognizable from the appearance in various Duplo sets.


  • To tame the Lion, the Player must not only defeat it, but after that, feed it a Steak. Once it has been tamed, it will not only be discoverable, but will occasionally offer a new Quest: A request for the Player to build a Lion's Den (from the Brick Builds menu).

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