The Swamp Biome is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Swamp Biome ranges from wide flat areas of brown, muddy swamp, to higher hilly areas that are covered in green. Mangrove trees abound, as well as numerous interesting Props. One structure known to appear in Swamps is the Stilt House, which may have a large Item Chest inside.

Models Edit

Characters: Edit

Creatures: Edit

Vehicles: Edit

Props: Edit

  • Cattails
  • Large reed with red fruit
  • Medium reed
  • Small reed with orange fruit
  • Fire with cauldron
  • Dock with lantern
  • Thorny plant
  • Three-leafed plant cluster
  • Large orange bulb flowers
  • Small Orange flowers with green leaves
  • Dock with fishing pole
  • Wooden dock

Structures: Edit

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

Gallery Edit

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