The Lantern is a held item in LEGO Worlds that is earned by collecting at least 20 Gold Bricks.


The Lantern has a black base and cap separated by a clear tube that glows with a soft yellow light. It casts this light in a fairly large radius around the Character. When the Character holding it is idle, they look around with the Lantern.


Selecting the "Lantern" from the Inventory section of the Game Wheel, will equip the Lantern. The Character will take it out and light it, and begin peering around.

Pressing Icon Keyboard C (PC) (or Icon PS4 Circle [PS4] or Icon XBoxOne B [Xbox One]) will put the Lantern back into inventory.

When the Player takes out another item before putting away the Lantern, the character will instead hang the lantern at their hip, allowing them to use another item, while maintaining their light source.


This item probably exists in many sets, but is too generic to specify. It is made of 3 basic LEGO pieces.


  • Useful for seeing through dark locations.
  • Essential for people that use low brightness settings.



The old icon.

Icon Lantern

The new icon.