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  • discussion page Talk:Characters
    new comment by BigButteryBiscuit 2 days ago
    Comment: I wish they had short minifigs in the game, I want to make a hobbit custom character.
  • discussion page Talk:Quests
    new comment by Snicker 2 days ago
    Comment: Nope - I just print the list and go down the line.
  • discussion page Talk:Trader
    new comment by BigButteryBiscuit 2 days ago
    Comment: they should add the trader's hot air balloon as a rare special vehicle
  • discussion page Talk:Square Foot
    new comment by BigButteryBiscuit 2 days ago
    Comment: 735-480-123 in Galactic Zone J
  • discussion page Talk:Quests
    new comment by BigButteryBiscuit 2 days ago
    Comment: Is there any way to see which quests you've already completed (I'm trying to get the blue Pug-Z, and I'm not sure which quests I've completed)?
  • discussion page Talk:Mr. Good and Evil
    new comment by Noahthegrey
    Comment: To me, he bears a resemblance to Sans from Undertale because he has a glowing eye.
  • discussion page Talk:Spaceman
    new comment by Trey.germany.1
    Comment: The Blue Spaceman looks like Benny from The LEGO Movie!
  • new page Villain Cloud Castle
    created by Snicker
    New page: The Villain Cloud Castle is a Brick Build freely downloadable from the Builds Showcase in LEGO Worlds. Contents[show] Appearance Edit The Villain...
    Added categories: Brick Builds, Build Showcase
    Added photo:

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  • edit Brick Builds
    edited by Snicker diff
    Edited the section: Designer Contests
  • edit Fairground
    edited by Snicker diff

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