The Ice Cream is a held Item in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Treasure Chests or received from certain Characters as a Quest reward. It is also dropped from Ice Cream Boxes, which can be found in Dessert Desert and Polar Plains.


The Ice Cream is a two piece item consisting of a tan cone topped with a pink piece with four Ice Cream scoops. It is held in the right hand, and serves only as a Quest item for many Characters and Creatures.

When holding the Ice Cream, the Character will periodically drop the top onto the ground, look down at it in horror, then scoop the ice cream back onto the cone and take a huge lick of it. The Character may also take several licks in a row and rub their tummy in delight.


The bottom half of this item is known in LEGO sets as Ice Cream Cone while the top is now Ice Cream. The combination can be found a random minifig bags.