Hot Rod
Type Surface Vehicle
Biome(s) Desert
Cost 2,500

The Hot Rod is a four-wheeled ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Desert Biomes.


This two-seater, red hot rod has two working headlights and and tail lights. The engine compartment is open, showing the asymmetrical two cylinder engine. There's a rifle rear-mounted in the passenger seat (which is on the left, as this is a right-hand drive vehicle), and there's a pick-axe mounted to the rear bumper. It's a relatively fast ground vehicle with good responsiveness, and a deep, powerful engine noise.


This vehicle is based on the one driven by Jake Raines, in the LEGO brick set Rise of the Sphinx.


  • Although it appears to be a two-seater, only one Character can currently be in it at a time.


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