The Hot Rod is a four-wheeled ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Dusty Dunes and Playful Prairie Biomes.


This two-seater, red hot rod has two working headlights and and tail lights that activate at night. The engine compartment is open, showing the asymmetrical two cylinder engine, and flames shoot from the engine as the vehicle is idling or in motion. It's a right-hand-drive, so the steering wheel is on the right, and the passenger sits on the left.

It travels the standard speed for a ground vehicle, and has good responsiveness, and a deep, powerful engine noise.


This vehicle is based on the one driven by Jake Raines, in the LEGO brick set Rise of the Sphinx.


  • During Early Access it was a single-seater, and had a non-functional rear-facing rifle mounted on one of the two rear studs (see picture below), as well as a pick-axe mounted to the rear bumper. At release the vehicle was made into a two-seater, so a passenger can ride along, and the rifle and pick-axe were removed.
  • Referred to as "PharaohQuestCar" in the code.