Type Aerial Vehicle
Biome(s) Arctic, Mountain
Cost 2,500

The Helicopter is a vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Arctic and Mountain Biomes.


This single-person VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft has a blue and white body, a 2-bladed top rotor and a smaller three-bladed tail rotor. There are yellow pontoons for landing on water and a clear windscreen to protect the pilot from debris. Functional red and green lights on the top of the cabin mark starboard and port. There are no special markings on this vehicle. It has a pleasant chopper sound that pitches up as the vehicle gains speed.

This vehicle is very swift at vertical movement, flying upwards and back down with ease. It has a good turn radius (although, unlike a real helicopter, it cannot fly backwards, nor turn while hovering). Getting up to speed moving forward takes a bit of time, and even at top speed, it is still not as fast as some ground vehicles. The pontoons allow this vehicle to land on the water (or lava!) safely, and the craft can even be left there while the player goes exploring.


It somewhat resembles the police helicopter in LEGO's Crook's Hideout.



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