Gold Brick

A single Gold Brick.

A Gold Brick (or "Discovery Brick") is a special Item found in many Treasure Chests, earned through completing Quests, captured from Troublemakers or purchased from the Trader. Collecting Gold Bricks is how LEGO Worlds measures experience, and allows the Player to level up, gaining new Items and abilities.

Although the Player gains the highest rank at 100 Gold Bricks, the game will continue to allow more Gold Bricks to be collected, with a theoretical limit of over 65,000.


Icon Gold Bricks Rank Unlocks?
Icon Badge Rank1 Gold Brick 0 Learner Builder Start the first Tutorial world
Icon Badge Rank2 Gold Brick 3 Discoverer Builder Repairs rocket, unlocks second Tutorial world
Icon Badge Rank3 Gold Brick 10 Explorer Builder Adds antennas to rocket, unlocks Free Build mode and the ability to find Small random worlds (50x50), and ability to enter secret codes for new discoveries.
Icon Badge Rank4 Gold Brick 15 Observer Builder Unlocks the Camera and Camera-related Quests
Icon Badge Rank5 Gold Brick 20 Finder Builder Unlocks the Lantern
Icon Badge Rank6 Gold Brick 25 Traveller Builder Ability to find Medium Worlds (100x100) 
Icon Badge Rank7 Gold Brick 30 Navigator Builder Unlocks the Grapple Gun
Icon Badge Rank8 Gold Brick 40 Collector Builder Unlocks the Block Gun
Icon Badge Rank9 Gold Brick 50 Adventurer Builder Ability to find Large Worlds (150x150)
Icon Badge Rank10 Gold Brick 65 Advanced Builder Unlocks the Jetpack
Icon Badge Rank11 Gold Brick 80 Expert Builder Max Ability to find Huge Worlds (200x200)
Icon Badge Rank12 Gold Brick 100 MASTER BUILDER Ability to create custom worlds in Adventure Mode
Gold Brick 200 Unlocks the Test Rocket - a flyable version of the PUG-Z.