The Gladiator Sword is a melee weapon in LEGO Worlds that can be found only in random Treasure Chests.


The Gladiator Sword is a short, grey pointed sword with a narrow crossguard.

While holding this weapon, the character will repeatedly admire it, holding it aloft and swinging it around. Combat with this weapon is a series of short swings and chops.

The weapon does 5 damage to most Characters and Creatures, except those that are invulnerable to normal weapons.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Roman Gladius with Thin Crossguard and can typically be found in most Lord of the Rings themed sets, such as Attack on Weathertop.


  • Found in random Treasure Chests, but it's unclear if it's also sold by the Trader.
  • Frequently, the idle animation for this weapon reverts to the generic "stand and look around" idle animation.


Icon-Gladiator Sword

The old icon.

Icon Sword Gladiator

The new icon.