Gingerbread Man is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


The Gingerbread Man has a light brown body with darker brown flecks. His head is non-standard: it's a large round layered cookie with creamy dark brown filling in the middle (similar to an Oreo cookie). He has large round dark eyes, white icing eyebrows, mouth, and buttons. He also has white icing squiggles on his upper torso, at the bottom of his torso, on his legs, feet, and the bottom of his arms near the wrist.

The Gingerbread Man has no unique idle animations, however, when walking or running, he does so with a stiff-legged gait, as though he has no knees. His voice babbling is that of a young boy.



“Try and catch me!”

The Gingerbread Man is always trying to get people to chase him. Maybe someone added a little too much sugary molasses to the recipe when he was made, or maybe it’s just baked into his gingerbread nature, but he’s constantly running around town to show off how he’s the fastest thing on two icing-frosted feet.

It must be said that a big, round, flat head isn’t the most aerodynamic thing to have sitting on top of your shoulders when you’re sprinting at full speed. It’s nearly gotten the Gingerbread Man caught a few times. He’s tried turning it sideways, but then he can’t see where he’s going!


  • The Gingerbread Man can be unlocked via a number of Quests, including protection (from Pigs or Werewolves once they have been unlocked), trading berries for pie, and decorating his house and garden.