The Elephant' is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears only in the Playful Prairie.


The Elephant is a very large, grey animal with large flapping ears, black eyes and long white tusks. There is a saddle on the Elephant's back where a character can ride, with grey side-clips for holding equipment, and brown saddle bags hanging on the sides.

When riding the Elephant, the Character will look off into the distance and wave as though waving at other characters.

When idle and tamed, the Elephant may lay down on its side to sleep, kicking its legs occasionally. When idle in the wild, Elephants may occasionally trumpet loudly while wandering around.


The LEGO Worlds Elephant is based on the Light Grey Elephant that was a part of a single set: Scorpion Palace, released in 2003. That version included the backpack and side clip for the saddle, to hold equipment.


  • The Elephant mostly just wants to be led to water to be unlocked for discovery.
  • The Elephant is a part of one Achievement: Trumpet Trunk Trumpeter. Play a Trumpet for an Elephant, at which point it will dance and the Achievement will unlock.

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