Dynamite is an explosive thrown weapon in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Treasure Chests throughout the world.
Not to be confused with the Character named Dyna-Mite.


Dynamite is a small red bundle of sticks with a red fuse sticking out the top. It is held in the right hand and while held, the fuse stays lit. The item can be thrown, and it will arc to hit the target. When it strikes, it explodes, taking out a large sphere of bricks in a 12-stud radius in the process. If thrown into lava or slime, the Dynamite will be consumed rather than explode.

It does 8 points of damage to all Characters and Creatures that are not invulnerable to normal damage. It does 4 points to all invulnerable Characters and Creatures.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Dynamite Sticks Bundle and is found in many Construction, Super-hero and Western themed LEGO sets, including Silver Mine Shootout.


  • Used to unlock Burnard. May also be requested by the Prospector or Pirate Princess.
  • Can be received as a random Quest reward from the Cowboy and the Bandit.
  • Cannot be recovered from Dynamite Crates found in certain Biomes. Those crates explode on any sort of impact.
  • Crates of Dynamite are often found in Dungeons in front of breakable walls, but again, not retrievable.



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Icon Dynamite

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