Type Aerial Creature
Biome(s) Mountain, Volcanic
Cost 10,000
Unlocked with

The Dragon is a flying Creature in LEGO Worlds.


The Dragon is red from head to toe, with black highlights on the wings, head, claws and tail. When walking around, it keeps it's wings half unfurled, rather than folded completely. The Dragon attacks by shooting a fireball from its mouth, which can be very destr

This dragon appears to be the same one from the LEGO set Dragon Mountain.

Attacks Edit

The dragon has several attacks. These attacks include:

  • Ability to perform a combo where the dragon kicks the target(s) and then spins around, adventually smashing it's tail into the target(s), which instantly kills.
  • Ability to ram into a target, instant killing.
  • Ability to shoot a large fireball which can pierce through terrain thoroughly. It does not instant kill NPCs, but can to the player.


  • There are now new versions of dragons each with different colours after the official release of the game out of early access.


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