The Dog is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that only naturally appears in the Curious Canyon, Fearsome Frontier, and the Junkyard Jungle Biomes. There are two other varieties of Dog as well: The Fire Dog, which spawns with the Fire Station, and the Chinese New Year Dog, which can be unlocked with a special Code. Not to be confused with Husky which is also a dog, but a different design.


The Dog is a light brown creature with black eyes, a black nose and a black facial pattern. It has one LEGO stud in the middle of its back and when ridden, the Characters legs hang on either side of it. It has a cute, puppy-like bark.

The Fire Dog is white with black spots, but otherwise is the same as above.

The Chinese New Year Dog is the same as the Dog, but it has no black markings on its face, and it wears a red vest with a golden Chinese Dragon on the sides.


This creature appears to be the Dog Alsatian / German Shepherd (Police Dog) with Black Eyes and Forehead Pattern. This piece can be found in several City and Police-themed LEGO sets, including Swamp Police Station.


  • The Dog is always unlocked with the Bone, while the Fire Dog prefers Steak. Even though the Chinese New Year Dog doesn't need to be unlocked, it still wants a Bone (the quest will show as "complete" for all players).
  • The Dog may be requested for a quest in the Creator Towns.
  • Before Update 2 you could only get the Dog with cheats.