The Dog is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that only naturally appears in the Curious Canyon, Fearsome Frontier, and the Junkyard Jungle Biomes.


The Dog is a light brown creature with black eyes, a black nose and a black facial pattern. It has one LEGO stud in the middle of its back and when ridden, the Characters legs hang on either side of it. It has a cute, puppy-like bark.


This creature appears to be the Dog Alsatian / German Shepherd (Police Dog) with Black Eyes and Forehead Pattern. This piece can be found in several City and Police-themed LEGO sets, including Swamp Police Station.


  • The Dog is always unlocked with the Bone.
  • The Dog is needed for a quest in the Creator Towns
  • Before Update 2 you could only get the Dog with cheats.


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