The Dessert Desert is an uncommon Biome in LEGO Worlds.

Appearance Edit

The Dessert Desert is typically wide open flat ground to very steep mountains, all made of brightly coloured confections: ice cream cakes and jellies form mountains and hills, while lollipops and candy canes stand in for trees. Since Update 1, there are many new Props in this zone, including stacks and dishes of candy, candy windmills and other sweets. Many Treasure Chests appear in this biome which may explain the presence of the Robbers. One structure known to appear in the Dessert Desert is the Gingerbread House, which may have a large Item Chest and one or more smaller Treasure Chests.

Models Edit

Characters: Edit

Creatures: Edit

Vehicles: Edit

Props: Edit

Price in Studs
Smarties Spinner
Gold Stud 32px350
Dumdum Twirler
Gold Stud 32px350
Licorice Candy Stack 1
Gold Stud 32px350
Licorice Candy Stack 2
Gold Stud 32px350
Licorice Candy Stack 3
Gold Stud 32px350
Licorice Candy Pile
Gold Stud 32px350
Mixer with bowl
Blue Stud 32px1,000
Dish of Pastilles
Gold Stud 32px350

Structures: Edit

Gingerbread House

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

  • 2535 - 7396 - 5943 (Update 1)
  • 7751 - 5843 - 1658 (Update 1)
  • 0110110 (Update 1)
  • 9340 - 3645 - 9417 (Update 2)

Gallery Edit

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