The Crow is a common, non-rideable, carryable Creature in LEGO Worlds that naturally appears in many different biomes, including Candy Construction Capers (Tutorial), Curious Canyon, Falling Forest, Fantasy Forest, Fungus Forest, Junkyard Jungle, Merry Meadows, Ornamental Orchard, Playful Prairie, Prehistoric Peril (Tutorial), Weird Woods and Whispering Woodland. The Crow generally only appears during the day.


A Crow is a small, single-stud creature part in solid black. When flying, they alternate between flapping and soaring, and can often be spotted by the gentle whooshing of their wings. They seldom land, but when they do, they hop around begging for jewels.


The crow is found in a few LEGO sets, including as an accessory for the Scarecrow.


  • Crows may ask for any colour Jewel to unlock them, however, unlike most creatures, completing their quest does not tame them. The crow will accept the jewel, then immediately fly away.