Creator Lawnmower
Type Surface Vehicle
Biome(s) LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons
Cost 2,500

The Creator Lawnmower is a utility item that acts like a vehicle in LEGO Worlds. It is found in the Lego Creator: Changing Seasons Playset.


The Creator Lawnmower is a yellow pushmower with two wheels, a grey handlebar, and large trimming teeth on the front. When the Character grabs it, they stand behind the handles and slowly push it forward. It is the slowest ground vehicle, moving at a slow walk on level surfaces (though it tends to gain a lot of speed going down hills). The Creator Lawnmower is spawned when the player builds the Lego Creator: Changing Seasons playset.

Function Edit


Mowed grass

By holding down the Spacebar while moving, the studs on a level surface are turned into smooth bricks, sometimes changing the topology of the ground slightly. This does not seem to work with every single Brick, but is confirmed with grass (green bricks in the Changing Seasons set) and snow (white bricks found in level Arctic Biomes.


The Creator Lawnmower is based on the item in the Changing Seasons set.



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