Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.54.36 PM
Biome(s) Mesa
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with
Attitude Friendly
Special Ability Summon White Horse

Cowgirl is a playable character in LEGO Worlds.


From Brickipedia

Cowgirl has white torso with Wild West like printing, white arms, yellow hands, reddish brown boots and she has a brown belt with a star. Her face is printed with a big smile on it.

The Cowgirl's face has large eyelashes, freckles and a big cocky grin. She doesn't come with guns, but like the Cowboy, she can pull one out when she's in a showdown with the Outlaw.

The Cowgirl has a few unique animations, including snapping her fingers and stomping one foot, as well as doing some country dancing.



“Ain’t nobody quicker’n me, pardner!”

The rootin’, tootin’ Cowgirl is the fastest hand in the Wild West with a lasso. Whether she’s pulling a stuck calf out of a ravine or rounding up that rascally Bandit for the fourteenth time this week, she can throw her rope quicker than anything, and catch whatever she’s aiming at, too.

With the help of her lasso, the Cowgirl has been known to stop a charging bison, hoist the broken end of a bridge across a canyon, knock a water tower down to put out a barn fire, and set a runaway locomotive back on its tracks. About the only thing she hasn’t been able to do with it so far is help the Cowboy track down his missing horse…but she sure aims to try!


  • When the player becomes the Cowgirl, she can spawn in a White Horse.


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