Construction Workers are playable characters in LEGO Worlds that have several very similar variations.


The Construction Workers a series of Characters that all fit the construction theme. Each is dressed differently, though they tend to be found in the same place, performing the same functions.

  • Construction Worker - the only woman in the bunch, she wears a blaze orange hoodie with a tool belt at the waist, matching orange pants, and a red hard hat. Her brown hair is pulled into a ponytail at the back.
  • Construction Worker (Beard) - He's got on a dark red plaid-printed shirt, with a tool belt and khaki pants. Safety glasses protect his bearded face, while a red hard hat protects the rest of his noggin'.
  • Construction Worker (Sweating) - he's wearing a dark blue shirt with a safety harness and tool belt, and light blue pants, along with a red hard hat. Beads of sweat on his face show how hard he's working.
  • Construction Worker (Safety Goggles) - His orange safety vest covers most of his brown shirt, but not his tool belt. He has on dark blue pants, orange safety glasses, back ear protectors and a red hard hat.
  • Construction Worker (Tough) - He's got blue overalls on over a white shirt, and a red hard hat. Scratch marks and stubble on his face show just how tough he is!


  • While you can find all five of these in the tutorial world, Candy Construction Capers (Tutorial), you can only only two of them at that time. The rest can be unlocked at the first Junkyard Jungle you find.
  • They will offer a number of different quests, including finding tools for them, bringing them Doughnuts and even painting and repairing constructions for them.


  • They are referred to as Builder_60076 in the code, referring to the 60076 set Demolition Site that all five minifigs appear in.
  • For some reason, the Sweating Construction Worker costs 3,000 studs. This appears to be unintentional.