Combat is a natural and regular part of playing LEGO Worlds. Frequently Quests require defeating one or more enemies in order to advance the Quest. Many Characters and Creatures must be defeated in order to unlock them for discovery. Advancing in levels may also require a certain amount of combat as well.

Basics of Combat

With a melee weapon equipped, press attack to swing at your opponent. Be careful, as your attacks may hurt anyone, even the Character you are trying to protect!

Doing a double-jump, then an attack will result in an extra-heavy attack, however, this will also leave the player vulnerable for a moment afterwards.

With a ranged weapon equipped, press attack to fire at a distant target. For more precise targeting, hold Icon Keyboard F (Icon PS4 Square [PS4], Icon XBoxOne X [Xbox One]) to enter targeting mode, then click when the cursor highlights over a target. Multiple projectiles may be fired at a time, limited only by the weapon speed. Warning: Attempting to attack a target in melee range with a ranged weapon will do a melee attack instead (reducing damage to 1 per attack).

Vulnerabilities and Weapon Types

Most Characters and Creatures in LEGO Worlds are vulnerable to damage from every weapon, from simple punches to a blast from the powerful Lava Gun. Some Characters and Creatures, however, are invulnerable to most weapons, and therefore their vulnerability must be exploited by using a special weapon type. This will be indicated by the colour of the Heart(s) above the Character or Creature's head.

Heart Colour Creature Type Vulnerable to
Icon Heart Red 32px
Normal All Weapons
Icon Heart Black 32px
Supernatural / Undead All Black Weapons
Icon Heart Silver 32px
Werewolf All Silver Weapons
Icon Heart Gold 32px
Monster / Hero All Gold Weapons
Icon Heart Wood 32px
Vampire All Wooden Weapons
Icon Heart Crystal 32px
Dragons All Crystal Weapons

Weapon damage may be slightly different when attacking a creature vulnerable to that damage type. Additionally, certain Explosive Weapons (such as the Bazooka and Megazooka) will damage all creatures, regardless of invulnerability.