Cole's Earth Driller
Type Surface / Subterranean Vehicle
Biome(s) Crystal Landscape, Scrap Plains, Volcanic
Cost 10,000

Cole's Earth Driller is a four-wheeled ground and subterranean vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Crystal Landscape, Scrap Plains and Volcanic Biome.


This very large vehicle has a brown body, four large wheels and a large drill bit on the front. Just behind the drill lies the exposed engine, showing 4 small exhaust pipes. A non-functioning tail light on the back sits between two large blade-like exhaust pipes. The entire body of the vehicle shakes while idling or in motion. The Driller is relatively fast for a ground vehicle and makes a distinctive loud engine noise when in motion (it is very quiet while idling, however).


While driving this vehicle, press Spacebar to begin digging. Unlike the Small Digger, this vehicle can dig upwards and downwards, including somewhat angled tunnels. Tunnels created by the Driller are round in shape, and about 2-3 times the size of the Driller.


Cole's Earth Driller is based on the front loader found in the LEGO Set of the same name.


  • At 10,000 Studs, this is the most expensive vehicle to unlock.
  • It is the only Ninjago-specific item in the game thus far.


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