Cole's Earth Driller is a four-wheeled ground and subterranean vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Ornamental Orchard and Wicked Wasteland.


This very large vehicle has a brown body, four large wheels and a large black and grey drill bit on the front, which rotates when the digging function is engaged. Just behind the drill lies the exposed engine, showing 4 small exhaust pipes which shoot fire when the vehicle is occupied. The large, functional tail light on the back sits between two large blade-like exhaust pipes and also shoots fire when the vehicle is occupied. Both the tail light and drill light up at night, the tail light lights up red, and the drill lights up white (even though there are no apparent light sources for it). The entire body of the vehicle shakes while idling or in motion. The Driller makes a distinctive loud engine noise when in motion (it is very quiet while idling, however). It also beeps when backing up.


While driving this vehicle, press the action button ("Icon Keyboard F" on PC) to begin digging. Unlike most digging vehicles, this one can dig upwards and downwards, including somewhat angled tunnels. Press " Icon Keyboard Spacebar " to dig downwards and "Icon Keyboard Left Ctrl " to dig upwards. Tunnels created by the Driller are round in shape, and about 15 bricks in height.


Cole's Earth Driller is based on the special vehicle found in the Ninjago-themed LEGO set, Cole's Earth Driller.


  • This was the first Ninjago-specific item in the game. When it was introduced, it was the most expensive vehicle in the game.
  • Although it used to drill circular tunnels, it now digs flattened ovals, much like the Thunder Driller and Drillex's Driller.